From Pier Head to Pier 57
A special performance take place at the Peerhead during the River Festival, which celebrates Liverpool’s special relationship with the Big Apple.Live music from Disco Inferno and MotoOwn Gold brings attractive vibe to the event, with participants wanting to be on and off and boogie.
In the early years of Atlantic cruising, Liverpool was the jumping point of many immigrants. American Dream explorers leave Mercy Beach hoping for a better life across the pool.

That and the wealth of the people go through luxury trips through Liverpool around Europe and back to New York where they lived. Since it was the gateway to the UK, Liverpool’s ports have been bringing rich and poor from all over the world from the Big App.This year’s River Festival honors these ties with a sparkling disco performance at Peerhead.

Splash of Hollywood Glitz and Glamour

The World Heritage Waterfront will be the venue for the River Festival as the House of Suarez brings Hollywood’s golden age to Liverpool with their On the Town show. Super stylish and extremely talented dancers from the House of Suarez take part in a beautiful show that highlights the silver screen stars and the best years of Hollywood. Taking it back to the glamor era, the dancers put on a naval theme tap number reminiscent of early naval movies. A Great way to showcase Liverpool’s participation in early Atlantic cruises.

Three stage destination
Indian, African and Irish music is played live from one of the three ship stages, taking the best bits from the countries affiliated with Liverpool. These countries have had wonderful maritime ties with Liverpool throughout history and the River Festival celebrates those ties with the traditional music of those countries.

Ireland has a long association with Liverpool and many Liverpool families can take their roots back to the country. Through immigration, the Irish community in Liverpool has gained a permanent presence over time.The city’s relationship with Africa has historically been linked to the slave trade, with Liverpool playing a key role in the slave trade. One thing known as the Slave Trade Triangle was that Liverpool sent ships to Africa in search of slaves, and those ships sailed to the United States, sold slaves, and returned with supplies to Liverpool.This day celebrates African culture annually in Africa Oye, where we remember and respect our relations and traditions with the country.

Shipwrecks on Mann Island

Brave stunts and defiant performers fly through the masts and ships of the shipwreck site on Mann Island. Dedicated to telling sea stories, this showcase uses acrobats and aerial dancers to showcase the historical biographies of sailors, sailors and recovering from the waves.In fact, Liverpool has links to the biggest shipping disasters of all time, including the Titanic.The exhibition highlights some of the best real life sea stories that have sailed from Liverpool ports in history.



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