Are you obsess of knowing scary places or fun to haunt ghost. The list below highlight some of the city’s scariest places and history behind them.

The Ford Mushroom
The Ford Mushroom can be found on the outskirts of Liverpool next to the Jaguar Car Body & Assembly Plant in Hollywood. At 150 feet high, you really won’t miss this structure that looks like it was built by aliens.Speaking of aliens, the extraordinary explorers were convinced that the tower’s plate somehow acted as a magnet for the terrain. Oddly enough, between 1960 and 2000 there were several permanent UFO views near the tower. Keep in mind that this tower was built in 1965 and researchers can do anything. Some UFO reports include spherical spheres or lights above the Ford mushroom or strange silver objects shining on the night tower.Are all these reports exaggerated fantasies or does the tower really attract aliens to Liverpool?

Mackenzie’s Tomb

Most people in Liverpool know about Mackenzie tomb on Rodney Street. Because, like nowhere else in the city – or even the UK. William Mackenzie, a civil engineer, spent most of his career in Liverpool. His role was to dig railway tunnels near Lime Street and Edge Hill.Since Mackenzie is a gambler, he is reported to have struck a deal with the ghost that could transfer his soul for a lifetime of luck on the gambling tables. After his death in Liverpool in 1851, he was locked from the ground in a pyramid and stood upright with winning cards in his direction. His goal is to make sure his body never clings to the earth to prevent the devil from claiming his life.

However, the above is heard as in the description of his tomb. So, what do you think, all this urban narrative or Mackenzie has tombs to win at the tomb? We will never know.

Bloody Acre
No one wants their territory to experience the pain of the curse, does it? Childwall residents should make sure not to touch the bloody acre. For those of you unfamiliar, Bloody Acres is basically a site adjacent to All Saints Church, Liverpool’s oldest church.

Although there has never been a war on earth, Liverpool Council long ago promised the locals that they would never build on land; Otherwise a terrible curse will fall on them. It is believed that the angel of death who appeared during the war haunted the earth.

Bold Street Timeslip

Have you ever wandered on Bold Street and suddenly found yourself at another time? If you answer yes, you are not alone, as there have been 100 Timelips reports on Bold Street since the 1970s. These reports came from intelligent people who believed they were back while walking on Bold Street or the surrounding streets.This is a story from 1996 about a man named Frank, a police officer who claims to be running from the James Street station to see his wife on Bold Street. However, as soon as he touched the streets, he realized that something had gone wrong because people seemed to be dressed in the 1940s or 1950s.

Surprised by his surroundings, he got lost in a van bearing the word “couplins” in the 1950s. Shocked, Frank crossed the road in 1996 in hopes of finding a Dillon bookstore on Bold Street instead of standing in front of a haberdashery store called Cripps.

Upon entering the store, Frank was relieved to see a beautiful girl standing in the store with a Miss Self refrigerator bag. Fearing his surroundings, Frank took the girl’s hand and asked if he could see what he was seeing. With the quick light of the store, Frank suddenly found Dillon standing on the best floor of the bookstore.We never know if the Frank story is fact or fiction, but can 100 people reject the reports?

St James’s Cemetery

Ever wanted to see a vampire? You can find it in St. James’ Cemetery on Hope Street, as such a company’s views have been reported since the 1960s. It was not only the ghost that lived in the cemetery, as many ghosts were found, including the ghost of William Huskison MP who left the great tomb where his body was buried in 1830.



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