The Beatles

The city’s newest tribute to The Fab Four by Andy Edwards was unveiled in 2015 by John’s sister, Julia, and deputy mayor Ann O’Brnye, marking the 50th anniversary of the last Beatles in the city in the Kingdom of Liverpool in December 1965 .

Each statue is based on small details – Paul gave a camera in tribute to his wedding to Linda Eastman, a photographer of the Coder family. Sanskrit writings on George’s belt reflect his spiritual beliefs. The sole of Ringo’s shoes mention an 8 – his former L8 address and his 2008 album name, while John owns two acres outside the Dakota Building where he lived with Yoko in New York.

Cilla black
Unveiled in 2017, Silla welcomes visitors to a life-size bronze by Emma Rodgers, who teamed up with The Beatles’ producer Andy Edwards on the Liverpool waterfront.Worked by three of Silla’s sons to celebrate her debut

as Silla’s Clover Girl before becoming a solo artist and household name in the 60s with a TV career including Blind Date and Surprise, Surprise in the 80s was launched.

Royal Albert dock
Born in The Dingle, former Doktor and teen sensation Billy Fury hit eleven Top Ten hits, selling his singles on par with Elvis and The Beatles, including Halfway to Paradise, Jealousy and It’s Only Make Believe.

Heart problems compromised Billy’s promising career and prompted him to cross the age of 42, but he is reminded of this commission by The Sound of Fury Fan Club which ignores River mersey.

All together now – st luke(bomb out ) church
The statue was unveiled on the same day that it was re-released by The Peace Collective.Raising funds for the British Red Cross The Peace Collective A backing choir of schoolboy footballers from the Premier League and the

German Bundesliga, and Clean Bandit, Gabriel, Alexandra Burke, Julian Lennon, David Gray, Mick Jones (The Clash) and the mass attack Shar Nelson with stars

John lennon
A huge draw for tourists on The Beatles’ trail, which is tilted against the Wall of Fame, based on the cover of John Casually Leather’s 1975 solo album, Rock ‘n’ Roll, in this sculpture by Arthur Dolly Standing in a leather jacket and jeans. Which includes the famous 50 tracks including Be-Bop-A-Lula, Stand By Me and Peggy Sue.

ken dodd and Bessie Braddock

Tom Murphy’s pair is called A Chance Meeting. After being liked by audiences for decades, Dodi was a fictional Holiday Man during his career as well as a knotty Ash resident as a music hall entertainer and comedian.

The bronze statue he unveiled himself in 2009 now keeps the train tickling the passengers.

Socialist MP Basie Braddock worked tirelessly to improve living conditions on behalf of the city’s underprivileged and lay an egg – as Basie is responsible for the lion quality mark on eggs reintroduced in 1998.

Red rum- Aintree Racecourse

This is the statue of Red Rum, a three-time entry winner in 1973, 1974 and 1977 and in his hometown of Southport, where he trained on sand and sea water. His unmatched record captures him with public affection like no other breed of horse, and it became national news when Red Rum passed in1995 at the age of 30.

His sermon buried at the winning post in the Entry Racecourse reads: Honor this place, this is the Holy Land, here is a legend, they have got their rest, their feet will fly, our souls fly, they have left us forever. Love earned.

Captain johnny

Captain Frederick Johnny ‘Walker looks to the sea in remembrance of his role in the Battle of the Atlantic. Walker took control of the Naval Escort Group, based in Liverpool, and received specific service orders in 1942, before sinking five enemy ships.

Walker’s ultimate task was to protect his fleet during the D-Day invasion of France, which he did with incredible ability – all enemy ships were destroyed and none entered his ships. A thousand people attended his funeral at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.



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