Liverpool is a fantastic city with many beautiful places and tourist centres. Whether you are a traveller or have come on a tour around the city, you should be prepared to have your mind blown away with exciting experiences.

But wouldn’t it be nice to know about the city you’d be visiting? Let’s go back in time as we discuss the history of Liverpool.

History of Liverpool

If we must talk about the fantastic features of Liverpool, I think it’s safe to go way back down history lane.

Did you know that River Mersey and the Irish Sea meet at Liverpool? Well, yes, it does.

Royal Charter advertised the establishment of a new borough- ‘Livpul’, issued In 1207 by King John. In 1237, the Liverpool castle was completed, and it stood right where the Victoria Monument now stands and was removed in 1726 because the Castle was in an advanced state of decay.

The seven streets the city has right now are the same streets from the origin of Liverpool. These streets are; Water Street, Castle Street, Chapel Street, High Street, Moore Street, Dale Street, and Old Hall Street.

The first commercial Marina in Liverpool was completed on the River Mersey in 1715. It was initially known as Thomas Steer’s dock and could accommodate up to 100 ships.

In July 2004, Liverpool received the UNESCO World Heritage accolade to signify the city’s relevance as a commercial port during Britain’s most significant global influence. The World Heritage Site stretches along the waterfront from Royal Albert Dock through the Pier Head to Stanley Dock and the commercial districts.

The city of Liverpool has the Mersey Ferry, Cruise Terminal and the Liverpool Airport to give you an exciting touring experience.

Mersey Ferry

Mersey Ferry operates in North West England on the River Mersey, between Liverpool and Birkenhead and Wallasey on the Wirral Peninsula.

In 1960, two ferries started operation and were named Mountwood and Woodchurch. Both ferries have been significantly refurbished and renamed to Royal Iris of the Mersey and Snowdrop.

Royal Iris of the Mersey: The Royal Iris of the Mersey was launched in 1959 as Mountwood but was renamed in 2001. It is presently owned by Merseytravel and operated by Mersey Ferries.


Tonnage: 611GT

Length: 46.32m

Beam: 12.2m

Draught: 2.46m

Decks: 4 lower saloons, promenade, main, and bridge.

Speed: Max 12- 14 knots

Capacity: 860 for general ferry operations and 360 for cruising.

Crew: 6 (Captain, Mate, Engineer, 2 Deck Hands, Catering assistant.

Snowdrop: Snowdrop ferry was launched in 1959 as Woodchurch and was renamed in 2003.


Tonnage: 617 GT

Length: 46.32m

Beam: 12.2m

Draught: 2.46m

Decks: 4 (Main deck, lower deck, bridge deck and promenade)

Speed: 12 knots (22 km/h; 14mph)

Crew: 6 (Captain, Mate, Engineer, 2 Deck hands, and Catering assistant)

The Liverpool Cruise Terminal

The Liverpool cruise terminal is a multi-million-pound facility that has welcomed over 800 ships carrying over one million international passengers and crew. 

In 2017, 63 cruise ships brought over 111,000 visitors to the city, passing through The Cruise Terminal. The cruise terminal recorded a massive success in 2022 when 107 cruise calls with 200,000 passengers and crew who travelled through the terminal port generated a 14 million pounds economic boost to the city.

Incredible as this may seem, Liverpool Cruise Terminal is not content and is set to make a new record in 2023.

Highlights of the 2023 Liverpool Cruise Terminal Schedule

  • Twenty-two calls from the luxury cruise ship owned by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, Borealis, with a capacity of about 1,880 passengers.
  • Fifteen calls from Viking’s luxury cruise lines will include the latest addition to its fleet –the Viking Saturn.n.
Queen Victoria
  • Queen Victoria’s first entry in June and another in August.
Aida Aura interior

Aida Aura interior

  • Aida Aura is a cruise ship with restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, casinos, theatres, and many more. It can accommodate up to 1,266 passengers and will make three entries at the Cruise Liverpool terminal in 2023.
  • Jewel of the Seas, known for its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, will make six entries in 2023.

Liverpool Cruise Terminal is indeed set to make a new record in 2023.

Access full details of the cruise schedule here.

In other news, the Eurovision song contest 2023 is coming to Liverpool in May following the report by Ukraine on her inability to host the event this year due to insecurity in the nation.

With the finals happening on the 13th of May 2023, many people worldwide will troop into the city via the Liverpool Cruise Terminal, and the sight would be exciting.


The Cruise Terminal is a good place for exploring, as you can watch the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers while experiencing a good life on the ocean when you decide to.



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