Indigo Greens is one of Liverpool’s first ever restaurant of excellence, vegan meal prep provider that is specialising in organic, plant based and all natural ingredients, products and supplies with in our services. Situated at 132 Queens Drive, Liverpool L13 0AL.
At Indigo Greens we believe in the feeling of healing. We know our planet provides everything we need including many plant medicines. We trust in nature and our chefs just love getting creative and using mother nature’s finest whole food ingredients, we absolutely love serving our guests with real food the way nature intended.

The key to our success is simple: providing quality consistent cruelty free food that tastes great every single time. We pride ourselves on the full Indigo experience, whether you visit our Plant Based Eatery or order a delivery your food will be prepared with love and delivered with a smile.
Here at Indigo Greens we ensure that you are left satisfied with the different meals we have available on our menu! Our chefs are highly qualified and have many years of experience to ensure you enjoy every mouthful of your dinner. We are sure that should you be looking for a restaurant in the future we would be your first choice. Indigo Green have highly skilled and motivated waiting staff and chefs who take pride in ensuring that all of our customers have an amazing experience and we know that with the service you are provided with you would want to return to our restaurant.




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