Albert Dock and the whole of Liverpool are readying themselves for the exciting International Mersey River Festival on 5 to 7 June. The One Magnificent City, a seven week programme of activities celebrating Liverpool’s internationally renowned maritime history and transatlantic links started in Liverpool on the15 of May 2015. As part of this, the exciting International Mersey River Festival will hold between 5 to 7 June. The Mersey River Festival is also an opportunity to celebrate its link to the Dublin River Festival and chance to view some ships From the Liffey to the Mersey, Liverpool has many ties with Ireland and the festival, in partnership this year with Wild Thang branded clothing and merchandise, will have Dublin in the air enabling the two cities to share their maritime bond with the international visitors and the locals. Hoping for a clear sky, there will be street theatre, lots of family fun also. Merseyside Maritime Museum and Tate Liverpool have already planned art and craft workshops and other events across the festival.



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