Liverpool Join Lennon Airport

The Liverpool Airport, also known as John Lennon Airport, was officially opened in July 1933, even though the airport had started scheduled flights in 1930 with a service by Imperial Airways. It is owned by Peel Group, operated by Liverpool Airport Limited, and located in Speke, Liverpool, England.

Between 1997 and 2007, Liverpool Airport was one of Europe’s fastest-growing commercial airports, with an annual increase of passengers from 689,468 to over 5 million.

Whether it is an international, European, or domestic flight, Liverpool Airport terminal has got you covered with an adventurous and exciting travel experience.

Liverpool Airport has one passenger terminal, three hangars for general use, a FedEx Express courier service centre and a single runway.

Its control tower is located at the south of the runway.

Renaming of Airport Terminal

John Lennon

Work on the multi-million passenger terminal began in 2000, tripling its size and passenger capacity. It took two years to complete, and Queen Elizabeth II opened it in 2002.

The airport was renamed to honour the Beatles’ John Lennon in 2001, which made it the first airport to be named after a person in the UK.

The Liverpool airport gained transatlantic air service in May 2007

Are you considering travelling for homecoming, on vacation or Thanksgiving service? You can book your flight with the Liverpool John Lennon Airport for an exciting travel experience.

Featured Event:

Eurovision 2023

Eurovision Singing Contest 2023 took place in Liverpool. This event made the Liverpool John Lennon Airport a good place for tourism as people from all over the world trooped in through the airport for the event. Over 100,000 people visited Liverpool during the event, which was watched by over 180 million people worldwide.


Book your flight ticket anywhere! You can explore routes and destinations from Liverpool. Whether direct or indirect flights, you can access the best price.

Some most popular destinations of Liverpool Airport are France, Denmark, Spain and Germany.

While making your bookings, be flexible with your travel days, and it could get you a much cheaper ticket.

When booking cheap flights from Liverpool, you may also want to consider extra costs, and they come in:

Correcting ticket name:

 If there is an error in the ticket name, the cost of correcting this mistake can be a lot. So carefully cross-check every piece of information before purchasing a ticket.

Cost of holding luggage:

Ensure that you check the costs of taking hold of luggage on board. You might also want to check their hand luggage restrictions.

Alone travel of a minor:

The adult age of passengers differs for different airlines. If you intend to fly an under-aged child alone, you might need to prepare to pay for the accompanying services available to care for that child.


Boarding commences 45 minutes before departure, so we advise you to check in at the terminal at least 2 hours before departure.  

Average traffic Record

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on subsequent records, we will analyse the average traffic information for 2019 for a more accurate record. So, the total number of passengers recorded in 2019 was 5,093,379, with an average of 424,448 per month, 97,949 per week and 13,954 per day.

Waiting timeframe:

About 90% of the passengers passed through the security check within 20-30 minutes 

12558.6 passengers checked in within 20 minutes, which is approximately 0.01 seconds per passenger, so we advise early arrival.

Fast Track:

Also, if you’d like to skip the long queue for the security check at Liverpool airport, you can enjoy that by opting for a Fast Track Ticket from 4.00 euros per adult.

Airport Facilities     

The Liverpool airport has facilities to cater for whatever need you might have, from – 

Restaurants and bars: A selection of restaurants and bars are available to grab a bite or a drink before you set off on your flight.

Shopping Malls: You cannot forget to travel with any item as Liverpool airport has shopping malls where you can get whatever you might have forgotten to pick up. Precisely, it’s a great way to kill time while you wait for onboarding.

Hotels: You can find cost-effective accommodation at Liverpool Airport. It can be helpful if your travel plans include one night in Liverpool. 

Car Hire Services: This service is available to customers at lower rates when booked in advance.       


Liverpool City has developed over the years. You can make good memories with family and friends in Liverpool as there are good places to visit like the Cruise Terminal, Airport, World Museum, Liverpool Football Club, Sefton Park, Mendips & 20 Forthlin road, which is the Beatles childhood home and lots more.

They also have an exciting food menu to satisfy your cravings.

You can be assured of an exciting and adventurous travel experience when you fly with Liverpool John Lennon Airport or into the city for business and tourism.



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