Liverpool Wake Park is in the City Centre, which is less than 1 mile from the Albert Dock. Liverpool Wake Park offer the sport of wakeboarding to anyone over the age of 6. Their range of services includes beginner lessons, ringo rides, kidsclubs, yearly memberships, student sessions, bulk ride discounts and much more. Each session is one on one coaching with fully qualified instructors.

The entire park is located in the water, eg the towers and anchors are all in the water, there is no intrusion or blockage onto the sides of the docks and nothing is fixed or attached to the dock walls. The dock used is surrounded by houses and flats and their is no problem with noise or local residents, etc. Some of the houses are less than 30m from the wake park.

The park is open 12 months of the year and is mostly busy at weekends and evenings. The customer base is different and includes a wide age demographic from 8 years old to over 60 years of age! Weekly users include kids, students, young professionals, tradesman, a good mix of both genders and all sorts of groups, particularly Stag and Hen do parties at weekends.



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