One of the most hunted places in the UK, Liverpool is once again hosting a terrifying ghost hunt.

Those who are brave enough can walk carefully through the hospital and former orphanage that was left overnight.

Newsham Park Hospital, an abandoned building with a medical hospital and mental health facility before closing in 1997, has been selected as one of the Top 100 Haunted Places in the UK by 2020.

The Grade II listed building side was described as “naughty boys corridor” and “very active” for Morge to explore.

The historical site dates back to the Victorian period. In its 138-year history, it has been used as an orphanage, mental hospital and nursing home.

There are so many ghost stories to come out of the Grade II listed building and many former staff at the hospital claim to see, hear and experience things.

A former worker who spoke with ECHO said he still had nightmares and feared the ‘pure evil’ in the building.

Room filled with furniture and table: Inside the abandoned Newsham Park Hospital
This hospital represents former patients and children and people who are not there.

After fencing off the perimeter, inside the boarded-up building, participants in the Haunted Happenings Tour have a special entrance to the spacious venue throughout the night, where the ghost inhabitants are hunted down.

The building was first opened in 1874 as an orphanage for the children of British sailors, and the conditions are said to be harsh, with the brothers segregating and punishing each other.

It became a hospital in 1951, and on the tour you will see the remains of wheelchairs left in empty corridors and mortuary refrigerators to mark the lives lost.

The site has been used for stage hunting for many years and there have been numerous reports of unusual activity, with distant sounds and shadows breaking down stair cracks.

Ghost Tours gives visitors the opportunity to experiment with whistles and scenery, including glass divisions, table tipping, Ozia boards, EMF meters and ghost hunting equipment including K2 meters.

There will be a lot of ghost hunting going on at Newsham Park Hospital in the coming months, though you should be quick when they sell out.



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