Tour U-boat Story at Woodside ferry terminal and see inside U-534, one of only four U-boats left in the world. Entry to U-boat Story is free of charge with all River Explorer Cruise tickets.

Through the exhibition’s interactive and audio-visual exhibits you will gain a unique insight into life on board the submarine in the time of wartime, and learn more concerning the history of U-534 through the well preserved artefacts, original film archive and interactive displays. You will also see a real German Enigma machine, look through a periscope and have experience what it would be like to stand on the bridge of the historic vessel on the replica Conning Tower.

The U-boat is split into four sections with glass viewing partitions to allow you to see inside the Control Room, Electric Room, Engine Room, Crew Quarters and Forward Torpedo Room.

Search through deeper into the enduring legend of U-534, and see if you can find the answer to the mystery of why U-534’s Captain refused to surrender on 5 May 1945? Was the U-boat on a secret mission, conveying Nazi Gold or had the Captain gone rogue?

U-534 was the last U-boat to leave Germany before World War II stopped and was advancing Norway when it was attacked by a Liberator aircraft from RAF 547 Squadron. U-534 took great devastation and began to sink by the stern. Surprisingly, 49 of the 52 crew members survived, together with five who escaped via a torpedo hatch. The stricken vessel then lay forgotten on the sea bed for above 40 years.

The wreckage was raised from the sea bed in the hope of finding hidden treasure on board in August 1993 . However, hopes were dashed when there was no treasure was found, so the mystery of why U-534 refused to surrender remains to this day.




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