The Monroe

The Monroe, located between the hustle and bustle of Duke Street, is a unique place that serves fresh local food to all. This restaurant has a reputation for serving the best Sunday roast in the UK and is definitely a good place to start.

Lucky diners can enjoy their main roast beef, lamp leg, pork or veg nut roasts. Real Yorkshire pudding, Santa’s fried potatoes, seasonal vegetables and rich fried gravy.

By opting for traditional starters and delicious puddings, you get the perfect pub experience from Monroe. This is the perfect setting to enjoy an unforgettable Sunday meal Liverpool style.

Buyers Club
If you are looking for a place to relax to enjoy a hearty Sunday meal, buyers should not look beyond the club. A mysterious gem on a quiet back street from Hardman Street, this beautiful restaurant offers dining with all the decor.

Their regular menu includes a bar and a brunch menu, but the Sunday Roast Special is a must see. Served from 1-7pm, a classic Sunday meal with grilled meat, marmalade rusts, top Yorkshire puddings and seasonal crackers. If the weather is good, sit outside and eat a cool pint or refreshing gin & tonic with your cereal.

Barley and Beans
Mainly known for its gastronomic delightful desserts, barley and beans are also a favorite of Liverpool engineers when it comes to finding Sunday meals.

Their traditional Sunday roasts include a roast beef ribbon and turkey roast with all the best cuts, including fat roast and pork rolls.

After a while, you will be lucky enough to sample your beautiful beef Wellington or enjoy the preserved gangam duck breast for special occasions.

Bastion Bar and Restaurant
Bastion Bar and Restaurant classic Sunday roast is served with a tenderloin’s roast strip, tender steam broccoli, chanterelle carrots, mango tout and rich beef gravy. You can choose fried chicken dish, pan-size salmon fillet or veggies, which serve stuffed macaroni with wild mushroom, garlic sibetan slices and house salad.

When you are stuck with your delicious Sunday meal, spend time for the beautiful Shankali Memorial around the restaurant. This is the perfect place for a hearty roast in Liverpool.

Hanover Street Social

If you watch Sunday Lunch at the Liverpool Venue, Hanover Street Social hosts the Sunday Social every week. Diners can be selected from three traditional roast combinations; Beef, marmalade, honey-fried gammon or pan-grilled chicken are all well-fried, and include trimming classics such as Yorkshire pudding, fried potatoes, seasonal vegetables and homemade gravy.

You can always order your Sunday dinner filled with classic, pork and mouth-watering savoy cabbage, bacon, cream mash, onion rings and blankets. Immerse yourself in comfortable booth style seats and choose Fine Alley’s Pint for Sunday lunch in Liverpool, which will give you satisfaction.



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