The Border Force National Museum (previously – UK Border Agency) is located in Liverpool, England and holds the national collection of HM Revenue and Customs, one of the most significant collections of its type held anywhere in the world. Originally HM Customs & Excise National Museum, the collection is now a gallery which is located on the basement floor of the Merseyside Maritime Museum at the Albert Dock.

The exhibits tell the story of smuggling and contraband right from the 18th century to the present day. They include an extensive display of tools of the job, paintings, prints, and photographs relating to the work of the UK Border Agency and HM Revenue and Customs. Other items look at the ingenious and frequently dangerous world of smuggling, prohibited goods and concealment.

Their objects also tell stories of how officers did their job. Find out about the extreme measures taken to control smuggling historically, like the burning of the fishing fleet near Dover in the 18th century. Or you may remember the more latest protests against fuel duty, when the price of petrol was felt to be a burden by many.


Background information

UK Border Force and HM Revenue and Customs aim to help ensure that our way of life is fair, safe, civilised and protected. Find out more in the Seized! gallery at the museum.

The museum is located in the basement of Merseyside Maritime Museum. The museum is a unique partnership between National Museums Liverpool, the UK Border Force and HM Revenue and Customs. 



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