Calderstones Park is a public park in Liverpool, Merseyside, UK. The 126acres (0.51 km2) park is mainly a family park. Within the park, there are a variety of different attractions including a playground, a botanical garden and places of historical interest. There is also a lake in the park with geese and ducks, and the Calderstones Mansion House, which features a café and a children’s play area.

Calderstones Park is not just another good-looking park. It’s home to ancient megaliths that are said to be older than Stonehenge, this is indeed what the park is named after. And that is not all, within Calderstones Park visiors will also find the extraordinary Allerton Oak, also known as the Law Oak. It is claimed that 1000 years ago the Hundred Court sat under its spreading branches – the trunk is now hollow and its branches supported by stakes.

Calderstones incorporates the Harthill Botanical Gardens, established in 1802. About 4000 species of plants are on show, brought from all over the world by merchants and other travellers.

The park features a lake, where youngsters can feed the geese and ducks rice balls! There is also Mansion House, which features a café and a child-friendly play area. Parking is also available at Calderstones Road and Yew Tree entrances.



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